• 1999-2006
  • 2012-2013

« Painting is not an activity to me, but the last expression of an ardent hunt which followed different tracks (...) It is like a voyage, a bitter one, scattered with combats (...)

(...) The figures of my pictures fight, ride, wait. But they never wait in a polite sort of way, for things to happen. They already have taken a decision. No-one knows what it is. Not even me. The tale is therefore broken (...)

(...) My work evokes the passage, from one state to the other, from one world to the other. This passage is at best a tension, at worst a war (...) I am not interested in depicting violence as mere fact. If my art is sometimes violent, it is a step towards peace which is shown (...)

(...) I very often paint a column of light pouring down, cutting a sanctuary in the painting (...) Outside, there is the space of the world. But beneath the light, there is this sacred space, one that shields you from terror. One which grants you consolation. »

(quotes from an interview by J.Ladiray, 2004)